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It's been a long time

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 11:33 AM
I often stay away from DA for some lengthy periods of time but this one has been particularly long. I tend to isolate myself when things aren't going well and this time I had to deal with my father being diagnosed with cancer. He's doing well now and I'm trying to get my life back on track.
So, here I am, back to DA and to my crafts and drawings.
I hope you're all doing well and that 2012 is being kind to you.
I promise I'll reply soon to all those long overdue messages.

It's been such a long long time since I last posted a journal entry, I guess my life's just going as usual without much worth mentioning.

I finally bought a kiln for glass fusing and I'm having such fun experimenting with it! I really love glass jewels and have always wanted to be able to make them myself, but given how so very expensive kilns are I never imagined I'd get the chance to do it.

Now I'm running out of the glass samples I got from the seller and having the usual problem I always have here: I can't find a place to buy supplies! Yesterday I went to a company which is listed as producing stained glass windows and I discovered their stained glass actually isn't! Instead of glass painstakingly cut to fit perfectly and methodically welded lead, what they sell is just painted and glued glass which passes for the real thing but takes a fraction of the time to produce. At first I was intrigued about their technique, which they didn't want to get into, but found an amazing vid on youtube explaining just how it's done. It's quite pretty, it just shouldn't be sold as real stained glass.
Needless to say, they didn't have the glass I was looking for and I'll end up having to order it from the UK as usual.
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I have to warn you that after you read this, you'll probably think I'm a crazy, rabid fangirl. Although I'm as fangirl as fangirl can be and I do not dispute your assessment of my sanity, I do assure you, however, that there's nothing rabid about me!

I finally got my AC complete and it's beautiful!!! And finally the damn thing actually makes sense, the few bits of story added make the whole thing finally feel indeed more complete. I know, the story in general might have been better, but that's not really what got me to write this entry.

See, I'm an extremely visual person and I get my kicks mostly from beautiful things. Sometimes, there are things so magical, so special, that go so deep to touch the very core of what you are and love, that you're left breathless, in deep awe, you're swept from this world and stay up there, high, so high! Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it hurts? I love AC, it goes straight to my aesthetical appreciation centres and pushes every button there. It's hard to explain, I do actually get high on beauty, it's just like being high on chemicals except they've never done it for me. Today I'm immortal and invincible, I can take the world by the horns, shake it up, twist it around and make it behave a little better than its shitty usual self. It's a grand feeling!

And if that wasn't enough, I went out and there was this most perfect, beautiful rainbow over the city. I literally chased it driving around aimlessly, music playing loud inside the car, until it vanished.

What a most perfect day! There can't be many in a lifetime, but it's the few of them that make life worthwhile!

What about you? Is there anything you love so much that your heart aches and sings at the same time?

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Honestly, how hard should it be to buy a lowly jeweller's saw? Well, considering I had to order the frame from the US and have to order blades from there too everytime I need them (keep in mind I'm Portuguese!), I should have expected my quest for a power cutting saw to be quite an ordeal too, but this is getting ridiculous! At best, I can get it from the US (again!), but for a 6USD saw they ask me for 38USD for shipping! Please, please, please, does anyone know where in Europe I can order a damn jeweller's slitting/slotting saw?

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When I first opened this account it was with the intention of sharing only my drawings, but then came the photos of my cats and then everything else. The thing is, I can't keep to just one thing, I'm hopeless that way. I have to change often what I'm doing, otherwise I'll get so bored I just can't get anything done. And so it is that I'm now adding my crafts, be it crochet, beading, wire and chain-maille, etc. Hope this won't get too confusing.

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Ok, so I'd decided to open this account for my drawings and paintings only, but I can't help it! I have to share some photos of my beautiful cats too. I love them! Some days I feel so down I don't want to get out of bed and then they come in and brighten my day. Hurray for cats! :D :love:

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A funny little game held by :iconemmil:

This is the follow up to what :iconcho-oka: wrote.

Inside the bag where the kid had thrown Danke into, he cowered as he heard the voices outside. They said things like "I'll get a knife and we'll cut it a big smiley mouth!" Everyone giggled and cheered. "And we can roast the seeds and snack on them!", said a girly voice with a funny accent.
Poor Danke was so scared he couldn't stop shivering, he had a knot on his throat and wanted to scream but couldn't. It was then he realized he was still holding the shiny leaf Patty had given him and he held on to it desperately. "Be strong", he heard her voice saying, "trust yourself and you'll be fine!" Could it be, he wondered. After all he was a teenage pumpkin and sooner or later the trial into adulthood came to all of them. Always unexpectedly, always in different ways. Was this his rite of passage?

Next is :iconmacanimegirl:

Don't know if you guys eat pumpkin seeds but in my country roasted and salted pumpkin seeds are like the national snack, so I thought it was funny adding that little bit. Now I'll feel guilty each time I eat them!

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It's been almost a decade since I last drew anything worth showing. I'm always having ideas and doing brief sketches but then... well, it's either lack of time or the hype fades and nothing gets past the initial phase. I do hope opening this account will change that! :)

There's no such thing as too many bishies! :D

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